• Date: Oct 2014
  • Category: Others
  • Key Tags: iGEM, Bio Informatics

It is a Synthetic Biology Project about Path Planning. This project won 2014 iGEM Competion Silver Medal.


In this project, we use the concept of biobrick in the newly emerging synthetic biology to solve path planning problem for map navigation which is widely used in practical applications in graph theory, we tried to detect the specific path plan which from a hotel to convention center in Boston.

The specific processes are as following, first, enumerate all possible path results with DNA computing and then insert standard biological logic module in DNA sequence which represents possible result. By encoding the information in the DNA sequences, the details and the result of corresponding route programming plan can be read by the program we have designed typically. Then detect the fluorescent signal in order to determine the complex path planning solution.

We want to explore the potential application prospect of parallel algorithms of DNA mode in the development of parallel computing and bio-computer.